Beautiful Night (ft. Damiano the Don)

by Cubbage

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Single off the new EP "Here & Now" coming September 17th!


Crack a bottle of wine
Maybe 8 or 9
We'll feel it this time
In the morning

Let me take some time
Swap stories all night
Share lyrics and rhymes
Till the daylight

The slow fire
Desire's creeping up on me
It's as if Moses proposes to open up the sea

We lost grief
Relief is walking through our door
Don't forgive me, keep giving me more

It's a beautiful night
With some beautiful people

I come alive in the night-time
I'm a God when I write rhymes
I'm so fire, they trying to put me out
But I got big homies that be looking out
Ain't gon damage if I got family
Channel the medic in me
Ain't with the mannequin speech
Tonight's the night for us to loose control
They got me taking more shots than the cops on patrol

Me and the crew and the clouds
Like precipitation, anticipation
Celebration, we gonna take this
World by storm like alien invasion
Rebuild the nation
Room smelling the dankest
I just wanna get high have fun
Spit a bunch of raps and after that get drunk
It's a beautiful night like Kilani in armor
Peace and power to the people no charger

It's a beautiful night
With some beautiful people

Tell me what this means to you
I'll tell you what it means to me
Tell me what this night is
And the temperature is rising
Past 98 degrees
Can you feel it?

It's a beautiful night
With some beautiful people


released September 10, 2016
Music written and performed by Anthony Cubbage and Damiano Malvasio
Produced by Mark Farnum and Anthony Cubbage
Tracked/Mixed by Mark Farnum
Mastered by Gabe Millman




Cubbage Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cubbage hails from Philadelphia, but his heart is that of a traveler. With music rooted in pop/folk foundations, his style also seeks inspiration from jazz and soul reminiscent of John Mayer and Jamie Cullum. Traveling across the US in a sleeper van and busking on the streets between gigs, Cubbage has given himself wholly to a life of a modern bohemian musician. ... more


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